Device A pair of rubber boots, two raincoats, a spud, a grubber, a spade, a master, an apprentice. It all started with these... Ah, and a pair of hedge-shears.

We talked about a forest and planted trees, it became a honey forest. We said let there be bees, bees came to be. Our honey became the best of the best. We ate, we shared, couldn’t finish it. Then we placed them in glass jars, placed corks on them. But we couldn’t decide of a name then. We planted the trees by hand, took care of the bees ourselves. The only thing we could place on this honey is our seal we said. We chose the Persian name of a seal and it became “Muhr” itself.

Master on the front with the apprentice following, the training went on in the olive sylvan. Who is the olive tree, how does it live, how does it give fruit and what does it require in the whole year, what does it love, what it does not love… While saying these, came the harvesting time. Not the rain or the muddy roads stopped us and we harvested all the olives. The boxes were filled, all the olives were squeezed, bottled. Candle in one hand, Muhr in the other, all the bottles were sealed one by one.

Some of the olive oil had to be turned into soap as well. Two years of experimentation, analysis, researches and studies were completed with patience. With the healthiest method, we produced our cold-process soaps. We produced a wide range of soaps and chose our favorite five of them. And we muhr’d them all too.

We are a team composed of a master, an apprentice and their spouses. We aimed for our best production. We are hereby showing our limited natural products to your pleasure.