Cocoa Soap / SB-004

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We colored the soap we produced by cocoa oil, coconut oil and olive oil with cocoa particles.

The skins refreshing and nutrient properties of cocoa oil with the moisturizing effect of coconut oil enriches the ingredients of our olive oil soap, in addition to the cocoa particles which give the cocoa aroma and chocolate feeling in the soap. Vanilla essence also enriches the aroma of our soap and gives a pleasant feeling to person.

We are using the oil gathered from Edremit type olives for our soap essences. The hand soap we have produced by cold press, includes oleic acid in addition to the olive oils nutrient and mineral values.

You can use our lavender soap for hand and face cleaning safely and it can be applied on every type of skins. Especially it moisturizes and softens dry skins.

Our soap is produced and shaped by hand so all the soap have their own form and texture.

Keep in cool and dry environment and do not leave under sunlight. Mostly composed of olive oil, our soap may melt earlier than soaps with chemical additives. After usage, leave it to dry on a non-humid environment.