Olive Soap / SB-001

Price : 25 TL. + K.D.V.

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Taking the aroma and color from the early harvest Gemlik type olive oil, this “cold press” olive soap has no essence inclusion.

It is only produced of olive oil. Olive oil produced by cold and dry press method has no thermal process during soap production so the oleic acid amount with nutrient and mineral amounts are also preserved within.

Olive soap can be used safely for hand and face cleaning and can be applied on every type of skin. Consisting of 100% olive oil and no essence inclusion, we recommend the usage of this soap for people with allergic skin types.

Our soap is produced and shaped by hand so all the soap have their own form and texture.

Keep in cool and dry environment and do not leave under sunlight. Mostly composed of olive oil, our soap may melt earlier than soaps with chemical additives. After usage, leave it to dry on a non-humid environment.