Early Harvest Unfiltered Natural Oozing Olive Oil / ZY-002

Price : 45 TL. + K.D.V.

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By cold and dry squeezing, this oil has been limitedly produced from Gemlik type early harvest olives.

“Early Harvest Unfiltered Natural Oozing Olive Oil” takes the name from the early harvest period of olives which they are gathered while they are still green. We bottle up this early harvest oil unfiltered, preserving the dark green color and highly concentrated unique taste to your own liking.

Our Early Harvest Oil stands on passionate lovers tables by itself. Also it gives an excellent taste to salads and side dishes.

Our olives are squeezed by two-phased continuous system as cold press. In this system, olive dough has no contact with air preventing oxidation risk and olive dough also has no contact with water so we can protect all the antioxidant, nutrient and aromatic compounds inside. This process is called cold press. This is the reason we name our product “Cold and Dry Squeezed Oozing Olive Oil”.

The most valuable in between the natural oils is the natural oozing olive oil. It has mostly 1% of oleic acid. Our oil is in this class. Our oleic acid ratio is 0.6% dizem. (For olive oils, acid ratios under 1% are named as dizem.)

The olive oil is sensitive to sunlight because of chlorophyll inclement. Due to this, we place these oils in dark colored, thin, elegant shaped, wooden handled bottles with corks placed upon.

Olive oil may freeze under 7C temperatures, defrosting does not lower the quality. Protect from sunlight, high temperature and moisture.