Triple Soap Set / HD-001

Price : 75 TL. + K.D.V.

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We placed our three different types of soaps on a decorative teak plate. Covered it with a thin fabric and turned it into a gift package.

You can send this set as a gift you people you love, directly to their address and if you like, you can place a one sentence note to them too.

We produced these soaps that have no chemical additives, which can be applied on every type of skin from unique olive oil, cold pres coconut oil and 100% cocoa gathered from cocoa beans. All of our cold press soaps are shaped by hand and they all have their own forms and textures.

Keep in cool and dry environment and do not leave under sunlight. Mostly composed of olive oil, our soap may melt earlier than soaps with chemical additives. After usage, leave it to dry on a non-humid environment.