İznik Forest Honey / BL-002

Price : 60 TL. + K.D.V.

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Our bees produced this honey in İznik’s Honey Forest’s chestnut and lime trees and other wild flowers.

The aroma which carries our childhood times honey taste, our İznik Honey carries the cure of our chestnut and lime trees and the other forest plants nutrient and mineral richness too.

Our bees live in the wild forest which is located near the mountain looking up the İznik lake, far from the city which also is a home for bears. Also in this forest which has many types of wild plants beneficial for our bees, we find flower types in all four seasons. Due to this we call this place a natural honey forest.

Our İznik Forest Honey is the first product of our happy and healthy bees in our honey forest.

For our bees to renew their health, they should be fed with their own honey as well. So we harvest a limited amount of honey from the hives. We filter their hard produced all-natural honey without damaging their honeycombs, very carefully. Then we give it back to the hives, saving their time from producing a honeycomb again. This way, we make them produce honey for us too.

Regarding to these conditions, we give you this all-natural, gathered from forest plants and limitedly produced precious honey filtered in 450gr jars with their natural corks.